Reviews (Nano Assault NEO-X)
"Nano Assault Neo-X is an intense and frantic dual stick shooter with a great coop mode and high detailed visuals. Good fun." -- Sergio Martín
Rating: 8/10 Muy Bueno
Reviews (Nano Assault NEO)
"Nano Assault Neo is their boldest, more beautiful shooter yet, and Wii U owners absolutely shouldn’t miss out on its shiny twin-stick shooting." -- Lucas M. Thomas
Rating: 9/10 Amazing
"With the excellent leaderboard setup and potential for improving my high score (plenty of challenge on that one), I can easily see myself coming back to this game very often." -- Eric Lopez
Rating: 9/10 Excellent
"Simply put, Nano Assault Neo is the best looking launch title available for the Wii U." -- Glacier928
Rating: 9/10 BUY IT!
"With highly addictive twin-stick shmup gameplay and difficulty levels that will have you trying over and over again, you’d be remiss to pass up on what could easily become an arcade classic." -- Ron DelVillano
Rating: 8/10
Product Information
  • Developer: Shin'en Multimedia
  • Platform: PlayStation®4
  • Genre: Shoot 'em up
  • Rating:
    ESRB: E, Mild Fantasy Violence
    PEGI: 7, Violence
  • Purchase Price:
    America: $9.99
    Europe: €9.99
  • Release Date:
    America: 2014-Nov-11
    Europe/Australia: 2014-Oct-29
  • Download Soundtrack

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